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Socratic is an app to solve all those long nights of math homework -- in a synch. All you do is focus your camera on the problem at hand and instantly your Android comes up with the correct answers for each problem. You'll also receive several other answers and alternative solutions. To boot, if what you're working on is a nasty looking math problem with an equation, you'll get the solution, but you'll also be redirected to its corresponding Wikipedia page so you can gain some context.

One of this app's definite strong points is that usually it'll provide you with an answer as well as educate you on how and why the task in question was resolved that way. Regardless of whether it's a math problem or just a written question, you'll see the right answer in a matter of seconds. This option comes in handy particularly when you're working on a math problem and have to 'show your work' to your teacher.

All in all Socratic is an app that was destined to help out with homework in seconds flat. Plus it points you in the right direction when it comes to finding out how to figure these problems out all on your own.
The Socratic app, or, How to endanger our collective education

It's no secret that AI assistants from Google, Apple, Microsoft & co. are making it unthinkably easier to acquire knowledge. Asking Google any mundane question you can think of – What's the weather like? What films has Fellini directed? – is now basically essential to the survival of civilization. To take things a step further, real-time content translation or using your smartphone camera to instantly retrieve info on your physical objects is now a reality, too. Now throw all that in with the search for extreme corner-cutting in the academic sphere and you've got Socratica free app that gives you answers just by taking a picture of your homework.
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Android 4.1 or higher required